Alliance recognizes how important safety really is while working in the construction industry. With Alliance having over 50 years of combined experience in management, we realize that short cuts are not an option when working with dangerous equipment while performing a job. Short cuts ultimately lead to accidents and at Alliance we believe ALL accidents can be avoided by developing and following a proper safety plan.

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Written Programs

Alliance – Company Safety Manual

Respirator Protection Plan

Annual Training Program and Retraining as Required:

Lead in Construction

Silica Awareness

Respirator Fitness Exam

Respirator Training & Fit Testing

Personal Protective Equipment

HAZCOM (Hazard Communication) Training

Fall Protection/ Scaffold Training

Power Tool Safety Training

Fire Hazard/ Fire Protection

Personal Protective Equipment

Asbestos Awareness

Certified Flagger

Fall Protection

Confined Space Entry

Certified Rigging and Signaling

Excavation Competent Person

Scaffolding Building

OSHA Incident Log Summary:

Incident Rates

Mod Rates

2011 0 2011 0.87
2012 17.55 2012 0.94
2013 9.09 2013 0.94